Do I Think Overclocked Video Cards Are Worth?

This post will cover several things, namely:

  • What I think of factory overclocked graphics cards (cards that are overclocked already; perfect for those that do not know how to OC theirs)
  • If I think it is worth it
  • How you should determine if it is worth it
  • What you should do if you do not think it is worth it

Some of those I will go in-depth with and others I will not. Just read on and give me feedback in the comments or on my YouTube channel. Actually, Twitter is a fairly good place to start as well since I just made mine: @Devin_McRowen


EVGA is a company that sells a lot, and I mean a lot, of overclocked cards. I mean, they have 10 models of the GTX 980 Ti overclocked for crying out loud. This is one of the companies that you should go to if you do want to buy overclocked video cards. But for those that have a little bit more speculation on OC’ed cards, read on.


Some of these models from EVGA are really expensive. They can range from $500 to $700, depending on which model you are looking at. Also, I should mention that all of these cards are liquid cooled, which does add additional money to the final cost, as mentioned in my last post.

— Note: all test runs were run at identical speeds, since many of the cards are advertised to go faster and better than some other models —

So Why Overclock?EVGA superclocked

It is really simple. Here are my 2 favorite reasons for overclocking (I OC almost every card I come across, whether it is for me or for when I building a friend a computer):

  • Sizable frames per second gains
  • Really easy to do

Now, those reasons can vary from person to person, depending on if you like overclocking in the first place. But when I am talking about OCing, I am talking about OCing like a pro. When I overclock my cards, I do it right. And when I do this, the frames per second number jumps a surprising amount.

I was once playing Star Wars: Battlefront on my custom built computer a week or so from launch date. I did a test run of the game’s performance with a regular classified EVGA card, and then took that same card and overclocked it up just a few notches the way I usually do. Please note that I am running on maximum settings, since my computer is beefed up to do so anyway (I spent probably $4,000 total on the setup and can probably run maximum settings for a long, long time). My frames per second went from an already stellar 110 frames per second to roughly 130 frames per second, according to my FPS tracker. That is incredible gains, and obviously can affect people with lower PC specs too.

I would guess that even if you were to get a budget hardware — edit; I found some affordable PC gaming stuff here, especially on this article on the best AMD CPU for gaming — like a cheaper video card than mine, your performance would be much better if you overclock it versus keeping it the same as when the manufacturer sent it to you. I have seen gains from around 30 frames per second, which is perfectly playable as long as you are not on multiplayer or playing a racing game, to about 50 frames per second just from overclocking. That makes a world of a difference to some folks.

But are overclocked graphics cards worth the money though?

Ah, looks like I subtracted from the whole question. I told you guys I am not the best blogger out there 😛

I just gave you guys the rundown of what overclocking is and how it can benefit your PC gaming performance. Well, surprisingly, I am going to say that factory OCed cards are not worth the money they are asking. First, I will refer you to the heading titled “Price”. They cost an insane amount of money.

Now, I will refer you to where I mentioned why I like overclocking my hardware. If you did not read that, it is because it is relatively easy to do (I might publish a post regarding how to do that), but also because the performance increases are great.

If you know what you are doing or are at least curious enough to read on tutorials or watch videos on how to do things with your PC hardware, then you should not be buying overclocked cards straight from graphics card sellers. They are overpriced and in my opinion, you are paying for the labor to OC them.

My statement would be, why do that when you can buy a significantly cheaper one and then do the overclocking yourself? I mean, I am willing to write the tutorial if enough heads bother me to do it, so there really is no excuse not to know how to do it yourself. You save a ton of money, which you can then spend on something good for your computer setup.

If I did not answer the question as well as you guys would have liked, I included a decent video I found on it, though he does blurb a lot on things that some newbies might not understand. Watch it below:

My Opinion on Liquid Cooled Graphics Cards

I am not the best writer so I am not sure how professional ones would think of me starting a blog post like this. Basically, I am going to just go ahead and say it: liquid cooled video cards are way too expensive for the little benefits they give you.

There. Hate me. Love me. I do not mind (though I prefer you love me, send love through the comments folks!) But the opinion is out there and I will explain why.

Liquid Cooled Video Cards Tend to Cost Too Much

Have you guys seen the price points that these manufacturers are asking for? I mean, it’s insane! I checked out a couple of graphics cards that have relatively the same amount of power and processing speed for doing video animations — which I checked through a series of benchmarks and whatnot — and the ones with liquid cooling get so much attention with prices. Seriously, in one specific test, the exact same card (in terms of power, not the actual same model) cost about $100 more than the one without liquid cooling.

My entire liquid cooling setup cost exactly $100, pre-tax and img_1749discounts of course. But the difference in that is that my liquid cooling system for my computer can cool not just the graphics card, but the storage, the processor, and the RAM. It is ridiculous to purchase something like a liquid cooled GTX 980 Ti when you can buy the whole card PLUS an entire cooling setup for your PC.

What are your thoughts?

Gaming Monitors

I found an outstanding video by Linus Tech Tips on recycling old monitors that you may have laying around. I did this just a few days ago when I upgraded my computer (got rid of that old 24-inch monitor!) Now I have a nice 32-inch one, with 1080p finally. Plus, I don’t have to worry about selling my monitor since I already followed what Linus recommended.

I would suggest you do the same, since it is relatively easy plus it truly is badass! Fun to do also. Check it:

Beats Pill+ Video!

Found a nice video to complete last post, which was my review. I did not do my own unboxing video since there were already a lot of them on YouTube before I even got my hands on my Beats Pill 2.0. But here is a good one by ThePapiGFunk that I found useful, plus he does a nifty sound test for those that are worried about quality.

And another one here, but this one is rather long and too in-depth for just an unboxing. He does do a review, so be sure to check that out if you really are interested in a portable speaker for something like your gaming computer or your tablet.

Beats Pill+ Speaker Review

I have always been a huge fan of the Beats series, so when Beats by Dre released a new Pill for us speaker fans, my mind was ready. I pre-ordered it and today I received it in the mail. Here is my short, brief, but still very awesome review.

Sophisticated Speaker

As the first speaker that was produced since Beats was acquired by the giant company Apple, the influence from the latter company is noticeable in terms of design. In a way I would call this “sophisticated yet simple”, which is exactly what each Apple product is in terms of exterior design. I mean, there is only black and white available right now.

The buttons are set up very simply, but everything is really functional. I can turn the volume up and down with ease and everything is easy to find, from the power up and down button to the charging ports.

Sound Quality

I love the sound quality on this thing. It really reminds me back in the day when I used to rock the Sony portable speakers when they first released. To be real here, I thought that sound quality was the absolute best. Obviously, it cost me a ton since portable speakers were still relatively new then.

The sound on this thing is great, from thumping kicks to smooth flows in melody. It feels nice for an average consumer like me, and so it should fit well for anyone that has trusted Apple and Beats products before.


This thing is the best when it comes to size. Yeah, portability is nice (and obviously you still get that with this), but the added size really makes it feel durable and premium in terms of quality. I have a feeling the added hardware makes this Pill+ sound even better.

My Name Is Devin

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I do not want to be a professional blogger. This is just a hobby that I think I will enjoy in the long term, though I honestly probably will not have a lot of time for. So let that be a foreword to my fellow future subscribers; I do not plan on updating too much, but do make sure to read my posts when I make them. I would love some feedback too.

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